CHAT: Connecting Heath And Technology

The purpose of C.H.A.T (Connecting Health and Technology) is to develop a mobile device food record to assess diet and provide feedback on food intake to young adults. Key nutrition messages will be tested and delivered using mobile phone technology as a means of feedback to the participants. Studies have linked poor diet quality and lack of variety with increased incidence of chronic diseases. Currently the tools to assess diet are not well accepted, especially in adolescents and young adults, and this study hopes to overcome this issue.


System Overview


Deborah Kerr, Associate Professor (Dietetics and Nutrition), Director of Research (School Executive Committee), Head of School, Curtin University

Christina Pollard, Curtin University

Peter Howatt, Professor, Curtin University

butter, Associate Professor, Director, Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Department of Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University

(713) 655-0258, The Charles William Harrison Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Finland Distinguished Professor, Purdue University

9106995516, Associate Professor, Curtin University

503-533-7599, Associate Professor, The University of New South Wales

Janine Wright, Curtin University

Steven Pratt, Cancer Council, WA