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Please use (937) 534-0171 to reserve qPCR machine, nanodrop, and Laser capture dissection microscope.


Prices (External customers contact Vijay Nadella)

DNA sequencing, $6.50 per reaction. (1-2 day processing)

DNA Array + Processing ~$525.

Bioanalyzer: $33 per 12 RNA samples.

qPCR: $25 per run (optimization runs will not be charged)


DNA analyzer

Genetic Analyzer

The Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer with 16 capillary through-put, providing automated DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, microsatellite analysis, AFLP, SNP screening and validation.

microarray chip

Microarray chip reader

Design your own set of probes and get them printed, even on a single array, for no extra cost. Agilent uses 60-mer probes, increasing the sensitivity of your reaction 8-fold when compared to 25-mer technology. This system also allows dual color or single color array experiments giving researchers greater flexibility in their experimental design.

q pcr

Quantatative PCR

The Stratagene Mx3000P QPCR machine offers four channels with with customizable filters for multiplexing. The Mxpro QPCR software is powerful and flexible, providing numerous options for complete data analysis.


Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for quick analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. The microfluidic station can be used to address various questions including, but not limited to, verification of RNA integrity in small samples, PCR product analysis, gene expression analysis, GMO detection, forensic testing and clinical research, for example genotyping of H.pylori.

Leica LMD6000

Laser Microdissection has become an indispensable technology for sample preparation. In all areas of research, it is the basic prerequisite to obtain well-defined starting material for downstream experiments. Therefore, meaningful analyses in the fields of genomics, micro arrays, biochips, and proteomics can only be attained with the help of such high-precision technology. Sample preparation is done directly from the tissue section using a UV laser.

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer         

A ThermoFisher Trace Ultra/DSQII GC/MS with two GC columns is available for use by Ohi University researchers after receiving sufficient training to run the instrument and analyze the resulting data.  This instrument is maintained by Dr.Alan Showalter (, and individuals should contact him directly about using the instrument.  A user fee will be required to cover the cost of consumables and maintenance.  
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